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Why Wise Academy is Best ?

At Wise Academy Chandigarh, we offer one to one training and guidance to our students, so that their skills can be improved. Our wide range of coaching programs for pursuing a career in Law, such as CLAT, allow students to get admission in one of the top Law universities in India. An awesome combination of exhaustive study material, classroom sessions, and several practice tests, all maximize an individual capability, and allow them to give a tough competition. All-in-all, Wise Academy is a one stop solution for improving your general skills, and our friendly environment at Wise Academy makes it a unique learning experience.

Our Value system – Wise Academy is the only institute to have a profound value system whose very foundation is laid on Dedication, Sincerity, Transparency & Truth. These traits are imbibed by everybody working at or associated with Wise Academy. Our students are naturally influenced by these qualities and thus, acquire traits which are very important for success in any vista of life, be it an Entrepreneur / an Administrator / a Follower / a spiritual Guru or a Politician. Thus, we not only produce highly successful Students but we also evolve good Sons, good Daughters, good Citizens & good Future Fathers & Mothers.

We never engage into any of the negative activities. It is society’s misfortune that many coaching institutes in India buy students (before the exam & after the exam) to bolster their results. They don’t have ability to train their own faculty. How can an institute coach Students, If that institute can’t even train faculty for itself? We hope to clean the coaching industry of such ills by infusing positivity in the society.

The various courses law entrance test training are:

  1. Two year classroom course for XIth standard students. Designed specifically so that the test preparation doesn’t effect studies for board exams.
  2. One year classroom course for XIIth standard students or students in their first year of graduation.
  3. Short term (approximately one month) program for students in XIIth standard and who want to take the law entrance exams the same year.
  4. Test series designed to accurately represent the actual Law entrance exams. These simulated tests are both computer and pen-and-paper based.

One Year Condensed  Program For XII Pass Students

Emphasis on making the student imbibe the fundamental concepts of Law , Reasoning , Maths and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process which makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basics concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in CLAT exam

INTENSIVE  Program For XII/XII Pass  Student

Intensive Program curriculum is designed in such a way that it would help in plugging loopholes , clear stumbling blocks and enhance your skills. Besides, the program will also highlight important time management techniques and revision strategies to achieve optimum performance on the CLAT day.